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  • The Crisis At Hand

    The Crisis At Hand

    There has been a lack of reportage or knowledge of where we are today with the Syrian Refugee crisis. As new events arise, in which most are definitely extremely important, some tend to forget there is still a massive migration of Syrians from country to country, seeking a home. Seeking a safe haven. To spread…

  • TRAVEL | TURKEY 2015

    TRAVEL | TURKEY 2015

    This is a video I made on my trip to Turkey this past summer! There were a few issues with the camera which I explained in the description on youtube and I’m working on fixing it but otherwise thanks! TURKEY

  • Syrian Refugees

    Syrian Refugees

    This was a speech I gave in my AP History class this year, that I felt I did well on. I really wanted to share what I presented so here it is. Thanks. In 2011, about 50,000 Syrians were recorded as refugees. In 2012, this number rose to almost half a million. Between 2013 and…