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  • TRAVEL | TURKEY 2015

    TRAVEL | TURKEY 2015

    This is a video I made on my trip to Turkey this past summer! There were a few issues with the camera which I explained in the description on youtube and I’m working on fixing it but otherwise thanks! TURKEY

  • Foods for the Holidays

    Foods for the Holidays

    Seeing as we are finally on break, hopefully for most people, the only proper way to enjoy the holidays is of course : food. Here are three¬†different foods you should try at home over the break. These are recipes from Food Network that I tried at home. These are my top favorites. 1.Pancake Casserole The…

  • 15 Songs to Get Into the Christmas Mood

    15 Songs to Get Into the Christmas Mood

    Hey guys! So Christmas is almost upon us and what better way to prepare than with some classic Christmas tunes. These songs are the modern versions of famous Christmas songs, and if you would rather hear the old version, I’d be happy to make a post with any requests. I have 15 recommendations, so sit…

  • What to do this Thanksgiving

    What to do this Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is almost here guys!!! Get ready for this year’s most anticipated holiday in 10 easy steps. Step 1: Get into the Thanksgiving mood. Turn on some seasonal music, or even something as simple as a coffee-house soundtrack or laid-back soundtrack on Spotify. Decorate the house with some fall-winter inspired pillows, paintings, or any small…

  • Lyon 2015

    Lyon 2015

    This is my first ever video where I filmed the footage. Sorry for the shakiness but I promise it will get better over time. Enjoy. -Leena