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  • Boston Poem

    Boston Poem

    This is my version of Carl Sandburg’s “Chicago” which I presented in my English class this year. The link to Sandburg’s original poem written in 1914 is found at the bottom of this post. The overall point of the poem is that although there are these stereotypes and qualities about Boston and its population, one…

  • A Wake Up Call

    A Wake Up Call

    Before reading this, I encourage you read Rowan Blanchard’s amazing piece on being yourself and never apologizing for being who you are. It truly inspired me to write this. Link: This is a wake up call to anyone who reads this. I hope everyone reads this or even glances upon a few words, because a…

  • Advice: Making Friends

    Advice: Making Friends

    This is based on a question a very close friend of mine asked me. This is my advice to her and everyone else dealing with the same issue. Question: I can’t seem to make friends at school. I’ve been trying to hang out with a few people at school but they all shut me out…

  • Spring Food Ideas

    Spring Food Ideas

    So springtime came pretty fast huh? Well, we’re just in time. Let us come up with three top dishes that can make your spring even more special. Most of these are healthy meals, but you can tailor them to your liking. Enjoy! 1.Nutella Toast with Strawberries Ingredients you’ll need: Bowl of strawberries 4 Pieces of…

  • Syrian Refugees

    Syrian Refugees

    This was a speech I gave in my AP History class this year, that I felt I did well on. I really wanted to share what I presented so here it is. Thanks. In 2011, about 50,000 Syrians were recorded as refugees. In 2012, this number rose to almost half a million. Between 2013 and…

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