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  • What is Feminism?

    What is Feminism?

    The term feminism has stirred great controversy. It has been associated with man-hating. This is a completely false and a preposterous assumption. Feminism is a fight for gender equality. It is about social, economic, and political equality. It is when a woman or man see injustice and stand up against it. Why must it always…

  • Foods for the Holidays

    Foods for the Holidays

    Seeing as we are finally on break, hopefully for most people, the only proper way to enjoy the holidays is of course : food. Here are three different foods you should try at home over the break. These are recipes from Food Network that I tried at home. These are my top favorites. 1.Pancake Casserole The…

  • Gender Roles

    Gender Roles

    I wrote this for English class but felt the need to post it. This topic means so much to me these days. Women, stay strong and stand up against injustice. This piece was inspired by Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”.      Keep your voice down, don’t speak out too much, it brings too much attention; let…

  • 15 Songs to Get Into the Christmas Mood

    15 Songs to Get Into the Christmas Mood

    Hey guys! So Christmas is almost upon us and what better way to prepare than with some classic Christmas tunes. These songs are the modern versions of famous Christmas songs, and if you would rather hear the old version, I’d be happy to make a post with any requests. I have 15 recommendations, so sit…

  • Coming of Age Narrative

    Coming of Age Narrative

        This is a piece I wrote for class, please do not plagiarize, credit to my English 11 honors class. I decided to post this because I wanted people to be more aware of the real world out there, and I believe I can help by providing real-life experience narratives. Thanks.     Everyone…

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