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  • What to do this Thanksgiving

    What to do this Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is almost here guys!!! Get ready for this year’s most anticipated holiday in 10 easy steps. Step 1: Get into the Thanksgiving mood. Turn on some seasonal music, or even something as simple as a coffee-house soundtrack or laid-back soundtrack on Spotify. Decorate the house with some fall-winter inspired pillows, paintings, or any small…

  • Lyon 2015

    Lyon 2015

    This is my first ever video where I filmed the footage. Sorry for the shakiness but I promise it will get better over time. Enjoy. -Leena

  • Read this when..

    Read this when..

    When you’re feeling mad Let it happen, don’t fight it. Punch a pillow instead of a wall. If a pillow isn’t helping throw something that won’t break. Know that it’s okay to feel mad about something. It’s a form of expression, so use it. If you need to swear, go ahead and swear(preferably not around…

  • Black Lives Matter Movement

    Black Lives Matter Movement

    http://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/radical-black-christians-new-civil-rights-movement-n417871 In the article from NBC entitled, “Radical Black Christians in the New Civil Rights Movement” by Brooke Obie, it describes a generation of “radical activists,” and the connection between old protests and today’s protests still being tied by Christianity. The article begins by describing the arrest of a public theologian and black activist named…

  • Where I live and What I live for

    Where I live and What I live for

    Born and raised in Massachusetts, I always wondered what I lived for. Do I live to accomplish what others have already done? Am I alive solely to survive through this endless cycle of birth, life, and death? I live to discover my purpose in life. Who am I, and what is my purpose on this…

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