Where I live and What I live for


Born and raised in Massachusetts, I always wondered what I lived for. Do I live to accomplish what others have already done? Am I alive solely to survive through this endless cycle of birth, life, and death? I live to discover my purpose in life. Who am I, and what is my purpose on this planet? I was created for a reason. Everyone was created for some unknown reason that all of us would like to know. Will we ever be able to know why we were created? Probably not. However, we can discover our purpose in life. By discovering who we truly are, and what types of people we are to ourselves and to others, our purpose will gradually get clearer. One must rid themselves of distractions and false interpretations regarding life. The words “impossible” and “not achievable” must be avoided at all costs. There is no such thing as not being able to achieve the things one sets their mind to. God provided us with tools to use. All we need to do is forget the “if’s” and “but’s”, and use these tools. One’s purpose in life will not simply be handed on a silver platter. It must be gained through hardship, deprivation, and direct action. Life will provide the human with obstacles such as loss and depression. In times as such, we must learn to get back on our feet and pick up the pieces. No one and nothing can tell you that you are worthless and have no purpose in life. We were all put in this world, and we all have a purpose. If we didn’t have a purpose, we wouldn’t need to be here. Martin Luther King Junior was not the only one with purpose simply because he led a major movement. His supporters, followers, and even opposers all served a purpose in life, and were able to live out this purpose. Did they all discover what their purpose was? Perhaps not, but they all lived the lives God wanted them to live. I live for adventure, for everyday to come, to make my parents happy, to improve my future, but most of all, I live to find a reason, an explanation, and a purpose as to why I am alive, and who I truly am.


*Based on Thoreau’s Where I live and What I live for*

*Picture credit to Cassey Ho*






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