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  • Not Today (Poem)

    Not Today (Poem)

    I need closure. I need to know if I am right. Right to stop feeling, to stop being a burden, to end it all and hear nothing, to hear complete and utter silence. Do you feel it? That feeling when no sounds surround you, when it feels like no one’s even there even when they…

  • The Crisis At Hand

    The Crisis At Hand

    There has been a lack of reportage or knowledge of where we are today with the Syrian Refugee crisis. As new events arise, in which most are definitely extremely important, some tend to forget there is still a massive migration of Syrians from country to country, seeking a home. Seeking a safe haven. To spread…

  • Advice: Making Friends

    Advice: Making Friends

    This is based on a question a very close friend of mine asked me. This is my advice to her and everyone else dealing with the same issue. Question: I can’t seem to make friends at school. I’ve been trying to hang out with a few people at school but they all shut me out…