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When you’re feeling mad

Let it happen, don’t fight it. Punch a pillow instead of a wall. If a pillow isn’t helping throw something that won’t break. Know that it’s okay to feel mad about something. It’s a form of expression, so use it. If you need to swear, go ahead and swear(preferably not around children, but you do you). If you’re the type of person that needs to rant about it, find someone to rant about it to, or just rant to yourself.

When you’re feeling down

Talk to someone or something. It may seem extremely weird to speak to an inanimate object, but believe it or not it helps. The object won’t respond, but it won’t judge. Feeling judged is a common sentiment. If you want to avoid being judged about your current situation, talk to something that isn’t alive. Stuffed animal, doll, mirror, grave, etc. If you want advice, go to someone who will answer honestly. If you don’t know who to go to or who to trust, speak to an adult. If you’re an adult, speak to another adult. Advice doesn’t have to come from someone older than us. The older the wiser is a common belief, but in reality, the greater the person the wiser.

When you’re feeling alone

Know that there are 7 billion people in this world. There is no possible way any of us will be subject to loneliness forever. School may create such a vibe. Know that there is more than just your grade. If you’re in seventh grade, speak to a sixth or eighth grader, it may make you feel different. Knowing that these people who haven’t known you for most of your life can’t judge you, may make you feel more open. Never feel alone. Feel independent. Someone will come along one day, and it will be soon.

When you’re feeling happy

Stay happy. There is nothing better in the world than happiness. Know that this feeling will not last forever, and that something may rupture your happiness. But also know that you will feel like this again soon.

When you’re feeling generous

Be generous. Put your emotion into words and actions. Try to get involved in charities as soon as possible. Even small acts of kindness are considered generous acts. Give your friend the last slice of pizza. Buy the shirt your sister has been asking for. Be the one to buy the best gift on mother’s day. Befriend a lonely person at school. Do whatever you can to satisfy this unique emotion.

When you’re feeling confused

Sit down, lie down, just don’t stand. Wait for a bit, do not think about anything, and once you feel ready, think about what could be causing your confusion. Go back in time and go step by step until you reach the moment you got confused. If you have to question an event, stop there because that is confusion. Take a moment to think about that event. Don’t rush things or all you’ll be doing is piling confusion upon confusion.

When you’re feeling stressed

Take a moment to think about what is stressing you out. If you can’t think properly, stop holding back your emotions. Cry if you’re feeling overwhelmed, scream if you feel angry. The only think preventing your stress from leaving is yourself. The mind plays evil tricks so don’t give in. Think of it as a competition against yourself, to see if you will let your mind take over and allow stress to dominate you, or whether you won’t give in and win!

When you’re feeling done with life

Before you do anything, lock yourself in your room, lay down on a couch or bed, take out your phone, play your favorite game, and eat your favorite food. Know that if you do something you’ll regret, you’ll never be able to enjoy these little things in life. God gave you time to live, so just enjoy the time you have until he decides it’s time. Know that someone loves you, whether it be a distant relative or friend. You can never be alone. If you are thinking like this today, know that I’m rooting for you to live for as long as possible, and that I’m sending my love from wherever I may be.

When you’re feeling sick

Let’s start with actual illness. If you’re sick don’t push yourself. If someone pushes you while you’re in that condition, they are not respectful of you. Kick back, watch some tv, and listen to slow music rather than strong, upbeat, eardrum pounding-music. For people feeling sick, as in fed up, don’t jump to conclusions right away. If you’re mad at someone and fed up with them, known the consequences for the way you will handle the situation.

When you’re feeling embarrassed

You can either not care or care and try to find a way to not care anymore. If you don’t care, that’s great. Keep doing you. If you do care, like 99% of us, you can take this situation two ways. One way is the stereotypical way of knowing that soon you’ll look back at this moment and laugh at how ridiculous it was. Another way I have a guilty pleasure of doing, is looking for other people who get embarrassed. This will slowly make your situation feel less worse than it actually is.

When you’re feeling exhausted

Don’t push yourself. Once you feel exhausted, stop tiring yourself out, because you’re forcing yourself to work past your limit. If you’re in the middle of a sports game and you feel exhausted to the point of fainting or something as severe as that, don’t push yourself. Ignore others and listen to yourself, because you know what’s best for your body.

When you’re feeling depressed

Don’t feel that way. You should never be depressed, and you should never let others make you feel that way. Shut people out if you need to. Tell people how you’re feeling. Do whatever you can to get out of this phase because the longer you feel this way, the slower life will feel.

When you’re feeling shy

Know that it’s okay to feel this way. Everyone is shy about at least one thing in their life. Look for other people who are shy, and befriend them. Sooner or later you’ll get talking, and you’ll stand up for yourself. Don’t let people take advantage of you if you are shy. If you’d rather not talk, don’t talk. Don’t do things that others want you to do. Do as you wish.

When you’re feeling unstable

Take a moment and breathe. This is all I can say. It may seem small and unhelpful, but it will help you to some degree. If you feel you need to talk to someone about it, go out and find someone. A friend, parent, guardian, sibling, pet, therapist, doctor, whatever it is. Know that you will never feel like this forever.

When you’re feeling hyper

Know that it’s great to feel this way. It’s not weird, it’s a blissful moment. Enjoy this moment because it’s never a permanent feeling. And it’s great to feel excited or happy about something, because it shows you value something in life, and that’s what counts.

When you’re feeling weak

Don’t force yourself to do anything. Physically, you shouldn’t continue on, even if someone is demanding you do. Emotionally, take some time to yourself. Close the door, shut your eyes, and get up when you feel like it. If it takes five hours, take that time. A day? Sure. Do whatever you feel is best.

When you’re feeling in love

Remind yourself that this is the best feeling in the world. Love is a special feeling. We may never truly feel this feeling until one day, when you find someone that triggers this emotion. But know that family and friends give you love, without you even knowing. You don’t need a special someone in your life to experience this emotion. Love is closer than you think.



When you’re feeling nervous

Don’t panic. It will be ok. Know that once you do the thing you do, it will all seem easy. It seems hard because we imagine everything that could possibly go wrong. Why do we never look at the brighter things that could potentially happen? Try to do this. If this doesn’t work, just breathe, listen to some music, and find that way only you can use to calm yourself down. Just hope for the best.

When you’re feeling insecure

Never feel this way. We are all unique in our own ways, and if people don’t respect this, then we shouldn’t respect them. We tend to look at our imperfections. But why don’t we look at our perfections? Some people think they don’t have any, but they are very mistaken. Scream in the mirror, “I’m beautiful!”, and don’t stop until you believe it. It doesn’t make you self-centered, it makes you confident. In order to stop feeling insecure, we must build up our confidence. Even if this may take a while, it’s worth the wait.

When you’re feeling bored

Find something to do. If you’re with a new friend, and you’re bored because neither of you are doing or saying anything interesting, try to make the first move, and come up with something funny. Something that will want to make them speak up and enjoy their time with you. If you’re alone and feeling bored, browse the web. Pick up a book. Do something to make use of the time, because one day, you’ll feel overwhelmed with stress or emotions, that you’ll wish you were bored and had nothing to do that other day.

When you’re feeling annoyed

Let the person know that you are not happy with them. This may seem hard, but if this is a continuous feeling you are having with someone, all you can do to get rid of this emotion, is to speak up and let it all out. Stocking your emotions only makes it worse. Take the time to calm down, and speak what you’re stopping yourself from saying.

When you’re feeling scared

Don’t panic. If you need help, call 911 or a guardian or friend or anyone that will pick up. Don’t wait for that one person to pick up the phone. Call someone that is nearby. If calling isn’t an option, get out of the house if your problem isn’t right outside your door, and go somewhere. Anywhere. If there’s a bully bothering you at school, tell someone, anyone. Stop this at the earliest occasion. If you feel like you can, know that it has to stop soon. And it will. Be the bigger person and end this. If you need more advice and this doesn’t suffice, comment below.

When you’re feeling stupid

Know that you’re not. Everyone feels stupid at certain times in their life. Know that even the smartest of people feel stupid. It’s not like they feel intelligent everyday and never experience this emotion. This is false. Very untrue. No one is stupid. Some people are just capable of doing things better than others. Sometimes because of genes, other times because they are passionate about the topic. You are great in at least two subjects or hobbies or anything. Find those two, and if you haven’t yet, try new things, and see what you are capable of doing. Sometimes you may even surprise yourself.

When you’re feeling intelligent

Enjoy this feeling, but know that there will be moments where you will feel ignorant, foolish, or stupid. You can be intelligent in school, but also equally intelligent in sports or hobbies. Art requires intelligence. Basketball requires intelligence. Fishing requires intelligence. Every hobby requires you to think. Therefore, never feel that intelligence is only found in school. You can be intelligent wherever you go and whatever you do.

When you’re feeling guilty

Don’t let the guilt take over. Never let this happen. Apologize as soon as possible. Never run away from your problems because they will bother you your entire life. The brain is a strong weapon that can be used against others but also ourselves. Do something to compensate for the thing that made you feel guilty. If the problem is small and you’re just bothering yourself about it because your mind is taking over, don’t let it bother you. This is a fight between you and only you. You have to win against yourself, before you can move on to the next level. Simply never let people or yourself get to you.

Thank you.


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