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  • A Wake Up Call

    A Wake Up Call

    Before reading this, I encourage you read Rowan Blanchard’s amazing piece on being yourself and never apologizing for being who you are. It truly inspired me to write this. Link: This is a wake up call to anyone who reads this. I hope everyone reads this or even glances upon a few words, because a…

  • Gender Roles

    Gender Roles

    I wrote this for English class but felt the need to post it. This topic means so much to me these days. Women, stay strong and stand up against injustice. This piece was inspired by Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”.      Keep your voice down, don’t speak out too much, it brings too much attention; let…

  • Coming of Age Narrative

    Coming of Age Narrative

        This is a piece I wrote for class, please do not plagiarize, credit to my English 11 honors class. I decided to post this because I wanted people to be more aware of the real world out there, and I believe I can help by providing real-life experience narratives. Thanks.     Everyone…